Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Ava and Mya!!!

Tinker Bell party.

We did something different this year. They played a string game. Both of them had different color string and there presents were attached to the end and hidden.

Mya found one

so did Ava

Mya got a guitar from Mary Kate's family

We have celebrated these two girls birthdays. Mya turned 10 yesterday. I love this girl. She is one strong little girl. She went through alot back in her orphanage and here. If you know her she has Polio. It is alot for a girl like her. Yesterday for her b-day she got her ears pierced. She is so happy to have them. She wanted to do that for a while. I love you Mya and Happy Birthday.
 Ava is my niece. Her Birthday is on Thursday with my Dad. But she wanted to celebrate it with Mya. You know it is always fun to celebrate b-day with a girl like your age. She turned 5. She is getting so big. I love you Ava and always will Happy Birthday.

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