Friday, July 20, 2012

Consignment Sale in NC

 Here is a picture of how it looks like. If you just double this picture 1 more time of the same stuff you will get the point of the craziness of this sale.

It has been crazy around our house. My Mom,  Joseph, Mya, Anna, Ava, Kloe, Mary Kate and I went down to NC to see my sister and her family. While we were down there Mom and some of the others went to the biggest Consignment Sale. I mean it is so big it is even bigger then Wal-mart. We love this sale at NC because you can get alot of stuff really cheap.  Mom found alot of stuff for the kids.  So you can really see it has been crazy around our house.

p.s My Mom took some pictures of the sale well she was there. If you would like to read her post you can go here

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