Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!!!

  Today my house was packed with lots of good people and food. We had about 30 some people. My sister Jenn and her family came down from NC to celebrate the holidays with us. My sister Mary Kate and her family were here for the after noon. My sister Molly and her husband came for a little bit. We had a great day. Nice weather to.   

  There are so many things  I am thankful for. Here are some

My Jesus Christ...if he did not gave his life we would not be here.
My wonderful family
My new three Ghana siblings (Judah,Jesse and Sari) Last year they were not here
My friends
My house that we live in
I am so thankful that I am here in the USA...if it was not for my parents I would have not hade a  good life.

Thank you Jesus for all you do.

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