Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie

Today is Gracie's b-day. She is turning 8 years old. She is a big girl now. She has been home with us 1 year and a couple month. She has turned out  pretty good from the way she was. She came to our home Christmas Eve from Bulgaria. It was our Christmas present. This is Gracie's 2nd b-day with us. She went out with Mommy and Daddy to eat breakfast out this morning. Tonight we are watching her favorite movie "My Friends  Tigger and Pooh". She would sit there and  watch  the whole movie. She is so happy to have  her b-day. We are too.I am pretty sure she never had a b-day before. It's really sad because there are alot of kids that would never have a b-day.I pray that those kids would have a b-day someday. Gracie Happy Birthday. I love you my little sister and always will.  

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  1. How Sweet Cate! You are such a great big sister :)
    I remember the first time Sarah had a birthday. She was so excited.... I asked her, what did you used to do on your birthday at the orphanage?
    She very drolly said, "They just wake you up and say, get up it's your birthday, but nothing happens after that." Poor sweetie.....