Thursday, August 2, 2012

A True Blog Post

Some ramblings from an aching heart.....

Here is Gracie and Andrew in Bulgaria...they suffered so much pain, abuse and neglect the early part of their lives.

Here they are this week with us- healthy and loved and understood.

Some people just don't understand our children ... They say they have no idea how to handle them, or what they can or can not do....They say that they need to be taught what they can or can not do...but what they are really saying to me is, " Can you teach us how to control her" , so that she does not cause a distraction for the kids who really are the discipline problem. I am trying really trying not to be offended , not to over react, not to get so emotional about this but I can't . I am hurt deeply by this and it has been a rough day for me. I know that our family is different. We built our family that way on purpose by following the Lord's will .....We have many children not just these 2 ( Gracie and Andrew) who I am sure make people uncomfortable, and they are not sure how to react to them. I even have a daughter who has never taken the time to get to know her siblings...I suspect much of it is because she and her husband are uncomfortable with the children that are her siblings because of some of their needs.

I am tired of "christians" who speak words but don't walk a pure walk of love. They express many words of love but when it comes time to actually do something and spend time with or take time out of their busy lives to get to know these children it never happens. I know the heart of the Lord for these children whom many would rather not even see because it reminds them of what could happen to them or theirs....

I am also tired of the words of hate that come out of so many people who profess Christ and then can speak filled with so much hatred for a lifestyle they disagree with or a position they feel they need to throw words toward. I am tired of words....If you feel you need to profess your opinion than do it with your walk....Show love don't speak about it...Don't just post about it on fb, Don't just pull the lever when you vote and walk away thinking even that you voted "Prolife"...because in my opinion you are not unless you do something...unless you act ....unless you take time out of your busy lives to get to know my children so that you can better meet their needs in your setting...unless you choose to make an effort to love them and not have mtgs. about the children in your care you really will not get to know them ...but if you did you would be overcome with a huge amount of love, and respect for them for what they have been able to acomplish in their lives inspite of adults who have chosen to see them in a different way.

I have read so much about Chik fil a and all the support they were given for their stand about same sex marriage, I have no problems with this at all . I just wish that more of these "easy supporters" would also get equally involved in the life of an orphan. It is easy to "eat" out in support of your position on this but to me that is just like pulling the choice in the voting booth for the canidate you feel is "prolife" and thinking I have done all I need to do and I am "prolife". Get involved in the life of an orphan, a widow, or a homeless person or a special needs person ( child or adult) something that is radical- get out of your comfort level and spend time doing something to encourage and love the people the Lord places in your heart...If you don't have a love for someone other than yourself...than get on your knees .
This blog post was from my Mom's blog. I agree with every word she said. Mom I love your heart and the way you love and stand up for you kids. I hope someday I will do the same thing.

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