Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Miracle Brother

 This is his first time taking a real bath. This is how skinny he was. In this picture he is 5 years old.
 He loved my Mom's suitcase.
 His first summer with us and his first time in the pool.
 He was geting ready to go on a walk.
Andrew is from Bulgaria. We adopted him and Gracie together. I got to travel to Bulgaria with my parents.God provided that trip and I am thankful that he did. This Bulgaria trip is very special to me. God has brought Andrew in to our family. I thank God for bringing him here. Even though Andrew is strong willed boy ,he has taught me alot. I am sure my family too. He taught me how to care about other people. He even brought me closer to God. When we met Andrew he didn't even weigh 19 pounds. He was so skinny he could have almost died. You could see his bones. He did not talk or eat like we all eat with a spoon and a fork. Back in Bulgaria he slapped himself  and yelled alot. He drinked 2 to 3 bottles a day. Sometimes it was only 1 to 2. They were starving him slowly. He was alive because of his strong willed side. Now Andrew is eating table food. He does not slap himself. He weighs 35 to 36 pounds and walks too. He has changed so much. God has worked in his life and I know he still will. It is a miracle what God has done in his life. 

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  1. What an amazing little boy...big boy! I miss all of you. Please give Andrew a BIG hug for me!