Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My newest siblings

These are my new siblings. I can't wait till they came home. God has blessed us with these kiddos. I am so excited to see them here with us as a family. We have been faithfully waiting for them to come to our home. I trust in the Lord that  it will be really soon. I have 10 brothers and 9 sisters that are home now. With this three it would be 11 boys and 12 girls all together 23 at home, add mom and dad 25. Then if you count all my sisters that have moved from home it would be 29. I try to convince mom and dad to adopt 1 more to make an even number. :) 

First picture is the three of them. Stephen, Annabel and Stella
Second is Stephen is in the button short and Annabel in the pink dress.
Third one is only Annabel in the middle.

 There are so many kids that need a family to love on. God has brought precious children to this earth for a reason but first they need a family to show them love . Then pray about it and see if God wants you to go head and adopt. You won't regret.

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